I Did a Thing…

I joined WW today. I need to track. I need the accountability. I need flexiblity. WW offers all that. 13 years ago, when I joined for the first time, I was 160 pounds trying to lose 10-15 pounds. I lost 10 pounds my first week. TEN.

I know it’s not going to be easy. I’ve been on a weight loss journey for a long while now. This ain’t my first rodeo. It IS doable.

Just because this is not the way I thought this journey would go, doesn’t mean it’s not the way it was SUPPOSED to go. ❤


How I Budget

Many years ago as an early twenty-something, I was told-MAKE YOURSELF A BUDGET. Truth be told, for nearly a decade, I didn’t even know how much money I brought home. Not. A. Clue. That’s the honest Truth.

Fast forward to 39…I’m in a crunch to budget. Because…well…I have to get out of debt. I will ONLY move forward! Tally ho!

I use Dave Ramsey’s app for budgeting. Every Dollar.

This website/app has changed my life. Below are the reasons why:

  • It’s user friendly.
  • It’s cheap or free. Can’t get cheaper than free!
  • It keeps me aware of how much I spend (or save!)

If you are also on a budgeting journey, PLEASE look into this website or app. It really is worth the time investment.


Financial Peace University

I had a goal to be out of debt by the time I was 40. I turn 40 in 11 months…and I’m looking at $30k in debt.

$30,000. That’s a scary number.

I will be debt free. I WILL be! Come with me on this journey by joining Financial Peace University. I’d love to have a group of people to go through the journey together.

My hope is I’ll have BS1 taken care of and I’ll move onto the debt snowball! Whoohoo.


Southern Flavor Restaurant.

This restaurant, hands down, has THE best catfish in Northwest Georgia. We’ve been several times and have loved every experience we’ve had.

I have no pictures of the catfish because…well…we dug in and ate it.

We both ordered 2 piece catfish plates with 2 sides each. David chose onion rings and fried okra. I chose slaw and waffle fries. Both plates came with hush puppies. Sweet tea finished the meal off.

The service was super friendly and helpful. And the price with tip was right at $32. Completely reasonable. And a great value for this food.

My favorite part, besides the service, is the fact that they also cook chicken livers-but my catfish tasted like catfish. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

Check this place out when you go to Cave Spring, Georgia. It’s worth it.

Greetings, Uncategorized

Let’s Touch Base

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I’ve been blogging in one form or fashion since 2006. Writing is a skill I feel like I’ve honed. My oral communication skills are awkward and struggle to get my point across. With writing, I’m able to process and revise.

Funny story: the original domain for this blog was too similar to adult themed websites, so I quickly had to rebrand! Why Teal Guava? Two of my favorite things. Of course! Teal reminds me of the beach. Guava because my favorite restaurant serves guava flavored agua frescas and I can down those bad boys 32 ounces at a time!

Back to the point, this blog serves as a creative outlet for me and I hope to be serving you, dear readers! Comment below with the type of free printable you’d like to see first. I’ll see what I can do. Happy adventures to you!


Be Warned…

I love Jesus. I also curse. A lot.

There may or may not be language in future posts. I can promise it will be skillfully placed for expression purposes, if it does happen. I just wanted to warn those who are offended by skillful use of language, so they can remove themselves. Still love you.


My Theology

Everyone has a faith story…even atheists. There’s a reason people believe what they believe or don’t believe at all. My faith journey is no different.

I remember as a young child kneeling beside my grandmother and praying for Jesus to live in my heart. I couldn’t have been more than 4 or 5.

I grew up in church. The Christian Church/Church of Christ to be more specific. And when it came time for college, I went to Atlanta Christian College (Point University).

I ended up with an Early Childhood degree and a minor in Biblical Studies. Somewhere along the way of getting the degree…I began to lose my faith.

Fast forward through 2 divorces, a conversion to Catholicism, and 20 years…somehow my heart still seeks Jesus. I don’t care so much for organized religion. I struggle with the concept of legal marriage vs. spiritual marriage. I struggle with the church’s inclusion of ALL…or the lack thereof. That being said, I love Jesus. A lot. I pray. I love others and I love God. That at it’s essence is my theology. Love God. Love others.


I’m Not 40…Yet

39 years and 1 month and counting…

This is going to be my authentic writing space. The place I share my chaos and wisdom. Yes, I have both.

About me: I am passionate about the beach. David. My dogs. Writing. And creating content.

I’m hoping with this platform, I’ll have big content coming. That happens through planning.

Life happens though planning. 🙂