Another New Series

This month I am choosing to focus on mental health. Specifically, I will focus on coping skills that help me move forward in life and they may help you, too.

Coping skills…what are they? Coping skills are the things we use in life to get through. The way we survive and in some cases the way we thrive.

The first coping skill will come at you next week. I am trying to make these posts happen on Mondays. I missed this post with this Monday, so I don’t know how consistent I will be at it. I’m trying y’all. 🙂 Bear with me.

WHOOHOO! (Can You Hear the Excitement?!)

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No, really…I seriously love fall. It’s my fave. Cooler weather. Sweaters. PSL. Marshmallows by the campfire. Dia de Los Muertos. All of it. It is my fave. (Have I said that already?)

I’m doing a series of posts on Thursdays. These posts will just be about fall. I hope to make many adventures this fall, so some of them will be posted here. I also hope to explore new recipes and share my favorites.

I am wondering though. What sort of fall related posts are you looking for, my dear readers? How can I help you? I am going to do an Instagram Story where you can comment your requested topics on there. If you don’t follow me on Instagram…you should. We should be friends. Look to the right of this post and my link to Instagram is over there. Stories are the things at the top of the app that disappear daily. I love interacting there and would love your input on this blog series! You can also comment below. But trust me, Instagram is so worth it. 🙂 See you next week! (Or sooner….on Instagram!)

Who is Mama Mary to me?

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Simply put, Mary is the thing that constantly leads me back to Jesus. I find that she intercedes for me on a daily basis. Not just now, but always. She brings peace to my heart. And as an orphan, she brings her motherly love and envelopes me in it. Her pure love. That is something, my dear friends, we all need.

Catholics don’t worship Mary. Catholics don’t pray TO Mary. We worship Jesus. We respect Mary. We pray THROUGH Mary. She prays for us. She intercedes on our behalf to her Son.

I have such a fondness for her. Maybe it’s because I lost my mom when I was a child. Maybe it’s because my heart never has totally healed from that loss. Whatever the motivation or reason, I am grateful God sees fit to give humanity a mother figure. I am thankful that He sees fit to respect women enough to include Mary in Jesus’s story. I’m a sucker for a good story. I’m a sucker for a good secondary character. I love what I have learned about femininity from Mary’s example. I am thankful for what I have learned about strength from Mary.

Mary is Jesus’s mother. Mary is the mother of humanity. She is grace under pressure. She is a gift to me.

How do you find peace with Jesus loving on you through His mom? The first place I start every time is the Rosary. Pray the Rosary. Find peace in the meditation of it’s beads. Find healing. Find joy. Find yourself.


For those of you who don’t know, I’m going through some personal stuff.

David kicked me out of what was home for three years. He kept the dogs. I’m not angry. I’m hurt. I feel very betrayed and trust was broken.

Enough on that, I’m settling into my new place nicely. It’s still uncomfortable at times, but I’m finding solace in being single (again.)

This week I also learned that my first husband-my first everything-is getting remarried. This will be marriage number four for him. I truly hope that he is happy…and stays that way. Our relationship was dysfunctional. His 2nd marriage was also dysfunctional. May God bless him on his fourth.

See…here’s the deal…there’s a voice in each and every one of us to be accepted and to fight for love. That’s all he is doing. Listening to that need and drive. May God grant them peace.

These days I’m in heavy duty therapy. I’m learning coping skills and ways to survive my broken brain and broken relationships. One day at a time. May God grant us all peace from our struggles. Amen.

I Am Not My Diagnosis

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I have been diagnosed with Bipolar 1, PTSD, and Generalized Anxiety Disorder. I am not these things. I am not my diagnosis. And neither are you.

Due to these, I have symptoms that must be managed. Things like panic attacks, mood swings, depression, mania, etc. I’m learning to cope within these. I was diagnosed originally with unipolar depression back in 1998. After my first manic episode, I was diagnosed with Bipolar 1 in 2003/4. There are MANY articles about the difference between 1 and 2. I suggest you do some research if you’re curious about 1 vs. 2. In reality, the differences don’t make that big of an issue with this post.

Despite being labeled “crazy” by every man I’ve ever lived with, I’m not crazy. I have an illness. Along with 2% of the population of America. The deal is once you know your own weaknesses-NO ONE CAN USE THEM AGAINST YOU.

The conversation around mental illness is changing. People are speaking up more about having a diagnosis. People are speaking up about getting help. People are no longer afraid of a little label destroying their life.

For me, when I received that little label, I knew it was going to be a long, lonely battle, but one that I was finally prepared for because-frankly-I was sick of being sick. Fact is: I still get sick. It happens. BUT NOW-I speak up about it. I have a voice and you do too. Find yours. It just might save your life.

The Best Thing Since Instacart!

Okay, y’all. I follow a blogger named Jami Balmet. You can find her here. She and her hubby recently purchased a meal planning site.

Because I trust her and it was on sale, I bought a subscription. I am not kidding. This is the best thing since finding Instacart!

The platform has a gagillion recipes. You just go in. Choose your grocery store. Pick a week’s worth of meals. Annnnnd BAM! It spits out your 1) meal plan and 2) grocery list (with cost!) This thing is life changing!

How do you get it? Click here.

Victim’s Rights

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Please do not minimize what victims have gone through. If a victim is sharing what she has gone through, please listen. Please.

I am a survivor of domestic violence. It was December of 2015. To this day, I believe my ex was planning on killing me and then killing himself. I will believe that until the day I do pass. You see, when he was released from jail, I wasn’t notified. The employee of the jail that I left my number with said something about, “he said/she said” crap. MY LIFE IS NOT HE SAID/SHE SAID CRAP.

This…this is why I get hot about victim’s rights. This is why I voted for Marcey’s Law. This is why I find my voice and tell my story. But for the grace of God, there go I.

Domestic Violence is scarily common. Domestic violence with a gun is commonly fatal. I count myself very blessed. Very blessed indeed. Find out what your local laws that need rallying around are. Here in Georgia, it was Marcey’s law. It made victims’ rights constitutional as well. Abusers have their rights guaranteed. Victims need the same.