Chic-fil-a, I’m calling you out.

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Recently, our local Chic-fil-a was remodeled. It was turned into a Truett’s. (Some so-called fancier version of CFA.) As you can guess, we are not happy with the change.

The customer service at Truett’s has not at all been up to CFA’s standards. The food has been okay. But that’s just it, it’s been okay. Not outstanding. Not amazing. Just okay. Let me tell you a little story about our experience with customer service there.

A couple of months back, we decided to go get a number one with waffle fries and extra pickles (and of course a large sweet tea, no ice). It was raining. No, let me clarify. It was down pouring. We look up at the entrance of the CFA and see a GIANT America flag waving in the downpour. I get hot. Very, very hot. I think of my stepdad who fought in Vietnam. The anger is pouring from my soul now. We come to the speaker at the drive through (which is unusual. Typically it is a person taking your order at the drive through. I guess it was because of said downpours.) I tell the lady taking my order that there is an American flag getting wet. She doesn’t respond. I tell her I want to speak with someone about it.

We advance in the line around the corner of the building. They bring us our food. I tell the teenager bringing us our food, I want to speak with someone about the American flag. I hear someone around the corner make a snide remark about, “Yes, we’ve already discussed it with her.” At this point, I am boiling angry. They send this young man out that is at least ten years younger than I am to answer my questions. He looks as if he’s been thrown to the wolves. I say, “The American flag is hanging when it is pouring. That is not acceptable. My stepdad fought for our country. He’d be sickened at this site.” He responded with, “I’d be angry too. I have family that has also fought.” (At which point I”m waiting for a response. Any further response. I get nothing.) I ask him, “Is it an all-weather flag?” He sheepishly responds, “Um…yes? Yes. Yes, it is.”

My point is this. They should have handled my situation better. Had the first person at the window responded that it was an all-weather flag, I would have shut my mouth. Had the first person not ignored my concerns and had the second person not been snippy, I may have just gone away. By the time the poor little man was thrown to the wolves with the crazy lady, he was doomed. It is just extremely disappointing to see consistently poor handling of situations from this Truett’s. Here’s the deal: I LOVE Chic-fil-a. Dan Cathy even paid for my meal once twenty years ago when I was in college. I think CFA has the most upstanding customer service generally speaking. They are up there with Publix with making you happy to part with your hard earned dollars.

However, I will no longer spend my money locally in my hometown. I am driving 30 minutes away to another CFA to spend my hard earned dollars. I have told a manager, customers, newspapers on Facebook, and now-you. I will spend my money where it is wanted. Truett’s in Rome, Georgia doesn’t want my money. Chic-fil-a in Calhoun will get my money from now on. If CFA decides to remodel your CFA into a Truett’s-my recommendation-don’t do it. Fight it. It’s not worth it. Stick to your good old number one with extra pickles (which we didn’t get), waffle fries, and a large sweet tea (no ice.)

Cash Envelopes

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I’ve been using cash envelopes for almost a month. And I must say this: it is true you spend more money with plastic.

I’m pleasantly surprised at how I’ve been able to stick with my budget this month. There will be some adjustments for May, but overall I am happy. My suggestion for you is to get a cash envelope wallet and start using cash.

How I Budget

Many years ago as an early twenty-something, I was told-MAKE YOURSELF A BUDGET. Truth be told, for nearly a decade, I didn’t even know how much money I brought home. Not. A. Clue. That’s the honest Truth.

Fast forward to 39…I’m in a crunch to budget. Because…well…I have to get out of debt. I will ONLY move forward! Tally ho!

I use Dave Ramsey’s app for budgeting. Every Dollar.

This website/app has changed my life. Below are the reasons why:

  • It’s user friendly.
  • It’s cheap or free. Can’t get cheaper than free!
  • It keeps me aware of how much I spend (or save!)

If you are also on a budgeting journey, PLEASE look into this website or app. It really is worth the time investment.

Financial Peace University

I had a goal to be out of debt by the time I was 40. I turn 40 in 11 months…and I’m looking at $30k in debt.

$30,000. That’s a scary number.

I will be debt free. I WILL be! Come with me on this journey by joining Financial Peace University. I’d love to have a group of people to go through the journey together.

My hope is I’ll have BS1 taken care of and I’ll move onto the debt snowball! Whoohoo.