A Little Bit at the Time

Here I am. Holding a proverbial rope that is slipping through my hands. I keep regrabbing the rope. I’m getting rope burn on my hands. I need to just learn to let it go. That’s the fastest way to stop the pain.

He doesn’t get to decide if it hurts or not. He doesn’t get to tell me to pick up the rope again. He doesn’t even get to throw the rope at me. I have the power. It is all in my control.

No one will ever get to take my power away from me again. Too often men do that. Never again. I am done with marriage. I am done with dating. I need friends. Real friends. Friends that know what true love looks like.

I thank God for my friends that have become family. They are the biggest gift I could ever have. I’m going to be okay. I have my power back. Again.

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