For those of you who don’t know, I’m going through some personal stuff.

David kicked me out of what was home for three years. He kept the dogs. I’m not angry. I’m hurt. I feel very betrayed and trust was broken.

Enough on that, I’m settling into my new place nicely. It’s still uncomfortable at times, but I’m finding solace in being single (again.)

This week I also learned that my first husband-my first everything-is getting remarried. This will be marriage number four for him. I truly hope that he is happy…and stays that way. Our relationship was dysfunctional. His 2nd marriage was also dysfunctional. May God bless him on his fourth.

See…here’s the deal…there’s a voice in each and every one of us to be accepted and to fight for love. That’s all he is doing. Listening to that need and drive. May God grant them peace.

These days I’m in heavy duty therapy. I’m learning coping skills and ways to survive my broken brain and broken relationships. One day at a time. May God grant us all peace from our struggles. Amen.

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