Roles of Wives

This week on Instagram I talked about Jolene Engle. She is an amazing woman of God who is teaching me about what it means to be a wife.

Backstory: I am a twice divorced survivor of domestic violence. For this reason (and a few others), David and I are not legally married. We are, however, spiritually married. We are equally committed. We are all in. We are one.

Jolene points out that wives have four main roles:

  • Help
  • Submit
  • Love
  • Respect

Out of all of those, I struggle with submission most. I can love, respect, and help him no problem, but to submit my will and wants and needs to David…that’s a little more challenging.

So, here’s what I’m doing about it: I’m going to study Biblical submission in depth. What does it look like? What does it mean? How can I more readily do this?

I know. I know. Lots of feminists out there would be up in arms about this wording. Here’s the deal: submission gives me power. It does not make me weaker. It protects me. With that, I’m signing off to say, “I’ll let you know what I learn.”

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